Why Choose A Split Heating & Cooling System

11 Jan

When it comes to choosing heating and cooling systems, property owners have plenty of choices to choose from, including the split system. The split system is the HVAC system that has both indoor and outdoor units connected with copper tubing. 

So, why should you opt for this kind of HVAC system? Well, there are numerous benefits you will enjoy if you chose this particular HVAC system over the others. In this article, we give you the reasons why you should choose the split heating and cooling system. Let’s delve into them.

Save money

We live in hard economic times, and homeowners want to save money in any given opportunity. One of the best ways homeowners can save a little cash is by installing split heating and cooling system. It can help them save an average of 40% on energy bills. This is quite substantial, especially during seasons of the year which require a bit of temperature regulation. 

But how do they achieve that? Well, the major reason why split heating and cooling system can lower your bills is the absence of ductwork. Ducts can pose air leakage within the deducted systems, leading to wasted energy. 

An easier installation process

Compared to traditional systems, a split system requires less work to install because there is no ductwork. In addition to that, the connector between the indoor and outdoor units requires an opening that measures only about 3 inches in diameter. This easy split system installation is what has made it the most preferred HVAC system among many homeowners.

Healthier indoor air quality

Another incredible reason why you should consider installing the split heating and cooling system is that you will be able to enjoy healthier indoor air quality. That’s because they have their own filter contained inside the indoor unit. The air insider a room goes through the process of filtration without mixing air from other rooms of your house. And without ductwork, any contamination is done away with. The split system circulates dirt, pollen, and dust, as it moves air throughout the ducts, meaning that you will enjoy cleaner, healthier indoor air.

It is environmentally friendly

If you are looking for an HVAC system that is not only efficient but will also help save the environment, then split heating and cooling is the ideal choice for you. This type of HVAC system significantly reduces carbon footprint by reducing carbon emissions. They achieve this because of the use of refrigerant, which reduces the impact of air conditioning on the ozone layer.

Greater flexibility

Another incredible reason why you should invest in a split heating and cooling system is the great flexibility that it offers. That’s because while it only has one ducted unit for one room, there are numerous ductible units, and each one of them can be placed in a separate room according to your needs. This basically means that only the room that is currently occupied can have its air conditioner operating and not all the other air conditioners in the other rooms.