Why do you need shower head water filters

10 Jan

Ever thought that shower head water filters are a mere gimmick by marketers to draw your attention? Think again. With the quality of water supplied degrading day by day, showerheads are becoming necessary. A water filter is fitted inside the showerhead, serving various functions and purifying water before it comes into contact with your body. 

In this article, you understand why you need shower head water filters.

Removing bacteria in the shower heads

As you continue to use your shower, bacteria in millions breed in the crannies and the nooks of your shower head, and using the shower water that comes directly from the head, the bacteria land on you. A shower head filter kills 99% of the bacteria and protects you and your family against infections. 

It makes your skin feel younger and softer.

Elements like chlorine, chloramines, and lead are very harmful to your skin, and you often see fine lines and dryness when you expose your skin to such contaminated water. Whenever the contaminants are present in water, they can dry your skin and lead to wrinkles. Another advantage of using a shower head filter for well water is that your skin becomes softer, and you feel younger every time you have a shower. 

Shower filters reduce the risk of some cancers.

According to reliable studies, the skin absorbs chlorine present in unfiltered water, and its continuous absorption could lead to increased cancer risk. Scientists have also argued that exposure to chlorinated water is more dangerous than unfiltered tap water. Thus, fix the shower head water filter instead of going for chlorine to clean your water. 

Prevents chloramines and chlorine inhalation

The chlorine and chloramines compounds are dangerous to your skin, and therefore when you have shower filters, the chances of inhaling such compounds when showering are reduced significantly. The deadly compounds are neutralized, and thus you’re safe from such exposure. Chloramines are a new chlorine compound that doesn’t smell but it’s more harmful. If inhaled. No wonder there are so many skin cancer cases than it used to be some years ago. 

Prevents air contamination in your home

The suspended contaminants enter your other rooms when you get out of the shower and leave the door open. That can bring health issues to your family, especially babies or older members with low body immunity. Thus when you install shower head filters, you improve the air quality inside your entire house. That ensures your family is safe from contaminants and comfortable. 

Filtered water improves your energy levels, reducing fatigue

Chlorinated water is popular for causing fatigue. The chlorine particles are removed when installing a filter in the showerhead, and lost energy levels are recovered. So many studies have shown that when you use a shower head filter for hard water, you regain energy in a few weeks. It also works perfectly in improving your immunity in the long run.

You don’t have to break the bank to get the best for your home, nope. The good thing is, head shower filters are readily available and affordable. Check out from the reputable online shops, and there you’ll get your preference and one that fits your budget.