The cost of building a swimming pool

25 Jun

Do you want to construct a swimming pool and you are wondering how much it will cost? What factors affect the cost of building a swimming pool? Swimming pools increase the value of your home. An above-ground plunge pool cost Sydney is a cheap option since the money used for excavation and soil removal is saved. It is difficult to know the precise swimming pool construction cost since it is influenced by several things.

What factors affect the cost of a swimming pool?

1. Size of the pool

The bigger the swimming pool, the more the cost of additional materials used in construction. It also increases the cost of excavation and soil removal.

2. Ground conditions

If the ground has:

  • High water table.
  • Reactive or soft soils.
  • Rock beneath the surface.
  • Extensive root systems.

Extra work will be required. This will increase the cost of installation. Ensure you inform the pool contractors about the soil condition to avoid surprises that will increase the cost later on.

3. Pool site

Building a pool in a flat and open area will minimize the construction cost due to reduced groundwork. It is ideal for an in-ground swimming pool. To reduce the cost of the above-ground pool, it should be constructed on a sloping site.

4. Finishes

The finish you use depends on the aesthetic and look that you want. It affects the overall cost of the pool. Concrete is the most inexpensive finish that leads to a fully-tiled swimming pool. The finish used affects the durability and resale value of the swimming pool.

5. Fencing

A fence prevents major accidents by creating a barrier between the pool and children. The type of fence and amount of footage affects the overall cost.

6. Cleaning system

It affects the overall cost and the time spent on maintenance. The operating system used will determine how you will maintain the water quality in your pool. The skimmer and eyeball systems are the most common circulation systems. It requires extra maintenance, more power, and additional chemicals. The top layer of the pool is cleaned. The bottom layer is left filthy with bacteria, dirt, and fungus. It makes the water unhealthy to swim in. Advanced systems can self-clean and prevent the growth of pathogens in the pool. It is a better investment that saves you time and money.

7. Access

The professionals should be able to get their machinery to the construction site with ease. If the access to the site is limited, the job gets harder for the pool diggers and the soil removal trucks. The cost will be lower if it is easy to get the machinery on site. The price will be high if specialist equipment is a requirement for the construction.

8. Quality of construction

The material used and level of craftsmanship affects the quality of the pool. Construction done by a professional construction company will function well, finish sooner, last longer, and look better. An expert company will charge more but will save you lots of money for repair.


The cost of constructing a swimming pool is affected by several factors. It is therefore hard to determine the exact price. The pool size, access, quality of construction, fencing, finishes, ground condition, cleaning system, and pool site are the factors that affect the cost of swimming pool construction.