Lint Buildup: Your Dryer Vent’s Enemy

16 Mar

Did you know that a buildup of lint in your dryer vent can be dangerous? In fact, clothes dryers are the number one cause of home fires in the United States. Over time, lint can accumulate and block the flow of air, causing it to overheat and potentially causing a fire. While homeowners may be diligent in cleaning their lint screens after each load of laundry, they often forget about the lint that builds up in the dryer vent. Ignoring this buildup can lead to dangerous if not deadly consequences. So, it’s critical to clean your dryer vents regularly to keep your family safe.

Lint buildup is not only a fire hazard, but it can also lead to decreased efficiency and a shorter lifespan for your appliances, which eventually leads to more expenses. How often should you clean your dryer vents to prevent these things from happening? The answer depends on a few factors, such as the length of your venting system and the volume of your laundry. The general rule of thumb is to have your dryer vents cleaned once a year. But if you have a longer venting system, or if you have a high volume and frequency of laundry, you may need to clean your dryer vents more often.

If you’re not sure how often to clean your dryer vents, contact a professional dryer vent cleaning service. They will be able to assess your situation and give you an accurate recommendation. Midwest Clean Air offers dryer vent cleaning services to homeowners in and around the Omaha, Nebraska, area. Check for these signs of a seriously clogged dryer vent and give us a call:

  • The outside of the dryer gets hotter than usual
  • Laundry takes longer to dry
  • The dryer emits a burning smell

Don’t take chances with your home’s safety. That lint in your dryer seems harmless, but it is flammable and can ruin not only your appliance but your home, too, if not prevented.

Midwest Clean Air can help you keep your home safe from the dangers of lint buildup. We offer comprehensive cleaning services that will get your vents clean and clear of any lint or debris. With our dryer vent cleaning services, you can reduce your electricity bills, extend the serviceable life of your clothes dryer, save on expensive repair or replacement costs, and prevent fires. Schedule a free consultation today and let us help you keep your home safe!

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