How to Keep Your Trees Healthy

22 Mar

Planting trees and watching them grow to the desired purpose gives you satisfaction, and they come with benefits. Planting trees is also beneficial to your immediate environment and the whole world. It is advisable that when you cut one tree down, you should at least plant two more trees. Prevention of soil erosion and air purification are some of the benefits of trees. They also play a vital role in saving the climatic change. However, there has been a reduction in trees, causing climatic change and encouraging global warming, as the air fails to be purified. With all these benefits, you must take good care of the trees you plant. You must consult with a qualified arborist Toronto to know how to take good care of your trees. They give you reports about your trees and recommend on what you ought to do. This helps ensure your trees are healthy from diseases and pets. You should click here for more information about them. Below, we have tips to ensure that you grow healthy trees.

Plant the Right Species Trees

When planning on planting trees, or just a tree, it is vital to consider some factors when choosing a good tree that will grow. There are different species of trees globally. Therefore, it is crucial to know which type of tree can grow in your location. Consult which tree grows in the area, as different trees grow in diverse weather conditions. Choosing the correct species will enable you to enjoy your tree more. When purposing for a shade, you might consider selecting a bur oak tree.

Apply Fertilizer

As trees grow, it requires a lot of nutrients for them to become healthy. These nutrients are vital for the growth of the branches and stems, which helps the tree make its food. Fertilizer is mostly limited to small trees, but demand decreases as they mature because they can make their food. Fertilizers help convert nitrogen from the air to the soil through their roots. It also helps them increase the water holding capacity of the trees. The compounds also help to increase the root depth, which enables the tree to absorb different nutrients. 


Pruning helps to remove dead branches and the diseased part. This helps to avoid spreading the diseases to other parts of the tree. It is crucial to keep your trees in shape and use different pruning methods, depending on how your tree grows. However, avoid the mature branches as they can affect the general growth of the tree. You should check with our arborist Toronto company to seek such services and consultation.

Control Pest

Insects like caterpillars affect tree growth because they eat the leaves and the stem. It is vital to consult on the best control strategy and insecticides that will also be affordable and help kill them.


Trees don’t need a lot of labor to maintain and protect. However, you must keep track of your tree and ask for reports from the company. You can also ensure that you water your trees in the case of hot seasons to always keep them healthy.