How to Protect Your Home Without a Gun

23 Mar

The greatest fear of homeowners or those renting is how to protect their home and their property. Having a gun helps make you feel safe because you can defend yourself from theft and in case of attack by wild animals. However, if you don’t own a gun, there are ways you can protect your home, whether you are on vacation or when you are around. Hiring  Access Control Pros to install an access control system should be your first step. Depending on the system you intend to install, you can control the number of people who can access your house. When having visitors around, some of the systems can help monitor where they go, helping you refrain them from going to places you store your vital documents. Here is how you can protect yourself at home.

Upgrade Your Home Security System

You can enhance your home security by installing alarms and automated doors. Ensure that your doors are strong. You can also consider installing a doorbell with a camera. This way, you can be able to monitor activities around the door area. You must install CCTV cameras at the front of your gate and around your perimeter to help monitor and see activities outside. This gives you time to raise the alarm and get prepared for them. Consider the cameras you can control using apps so that you can monitor from any place. You can visit this website to see more options to enhance your security.

Get a Dog 

A dog can help detect and defend you against a robber. It is vital that when you hear your dog barking, you wake up and pick a baseball bat to defend yourself. The dog can detect any movement. So, it is advisable that when the dog alarm goes off, you call your emergency response team. Without a gun, a dog will help defend you and can easily scare the intruder away.

Install Motion Detectors and Floodlights

Installing the motion detectors that work in handy with the floodlights can help scare the robbers away as they make them think you are awake. These lights can enable you to see what kind of weapons they are carrying, and this clue can help you defend yourself appropriately.

Pepper Spray 

Always have a pepper spray with you in your home. You can always use this to spray an enemy, especially spraying it in their face will make them lose focus which is to your advantage. This pepper will make them cough and irritate their eyes, making them lose visibility on the item they were to rob.


Following the above steps will be of great help to ensure your safety. In case of an entry, you can use any object around you as a weapon. You can use things like a pen or a knife for your defense. Always ensure that your doors and windows are locked before you sleep or get out of the house.