How To Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit Running Smoothly

21 Jun

1. Clean The Air Filter Every Month.

A clogged air filter can not only make your AC unit work harder but can also cause a drop in indoor air quality. When dust and other particles build up on the filter, they are re-circulated through your home every time the AC unit runs. In addition, a dirty filter puts extra strain on the AC unit, causing it to use more energy and potentially leading to a breakdown. To avoid these problems, it is important to clean the air filter regularly. Most experts recommend doing so at least once a month, or more frequently if you have pets or live in a dusty environment. With a little bit of care, you can keep your AC unit running efficiently and help improve the quality of the air in your home.

2. Vacuum The Unit and Remove Any Debris.

Vacuuming the unit and removing any debris is a crucial part of AC maintenance. Not only does it help to keep the unit itself clean, but it also helps to prevent the build-up of dust and dirt inside the AC system. As a result, regular cleaning can help to extend the life of your AC unit and keep it running smoothly all summer long.

3. Remove any Leaves, Grass, or Other Obstructions From the Outdoor Unit.

In addition to clearing away any obstructions, you should also trim back any trees or shrubs that are close to the unit. This will help ensure that your AC unit has plenty of airflows and can keep your home cool all summer long. AC units rely on airflow to function properly, so anything blocking the airflow can cause it to overheat and break down.

4. Change The AC Unit’s Oil Every Year.

As the temperatures start to drop, now is the perfect time to change the oil in your AC unit. This simple maintenance task will help keep your unit running smoothly all winter long. Here’s how to do it:

First, turn off the power to your AC unit and remove the access panel. Next, locate the oil drain plug and remove it. Allow the oil to drain completely into a drain pan. Once the oil has drained, replace the drain plug and add new oil to the unit. The amount of oil you need will depend on your specific AC model. Consult your owner’s manual for guidance. Finally, replace the access panel and turn on the power to your AC unit.

By changing the oil in your AC unit every year, you can help extend its lifespan and ensure that it runs efficiently all year long.

5. Check The Ducts for Leaks and Seal Them as Needed.

The AC unit is one of the most essential pieces of equipment in the home, providing much-needed relief from the summer heat. But did you know that your AC unit can also help to keep your home warm in the winter? That’s because the AC unit circulates air throughout the house, and if there are leaks in the ductwork, that air can escape, making your home less efficient and costing you money. That’s why it’s important to inspect the ducts for leaks and seal them if necessary. By keeping your AC unit in good working order, you can help to keep your home comfortable all year round.

6. Check The Temperature Settings to Ensure They’re Comfortable for You.

Maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home isn’t just about keeping the AC unit at the right setting; it’s also important to check the temperature settings on your thermostat regularly. Depending on the season and the weather outside, your ideal indoor temperature may change. In the winter, you might want to keep your home a little warmer than usual to compensate for the colder temperatures outside. In the summer, on the other hand, you might want to keep your AC unit set a little lower than usual to stay cool and comfortable. By checking the temperature settings on your thermostat periodically, you can make sure that your home is always at a comfortable temperature.

Following these simple tips will help keep your AC unit running smoothly all summer long. For more information or to schedule a maintenance appointment, contact Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today.