14 Jun

Your plumbing system is one of the critical aspects of your home. You can face a devastating problem if anything goes wrong with your drains, including water leaks, overflowing toilets and sinks, and worse, flooding in your house. Therefore maintaining healthy drain pipes should be your priority. One of the ways to maintain healthy drain pipes is knowing when there is a wanting problem in your drains.

Many homeowners rush to buy over-the-counter drain-clearing products when they notice a clogged drain which can exacerbate the problem or damage the pipes. Responsible homeownership involves identifying the signs of a drain problem and engaging experts like Drain Tech plumbing.

Here are some signs that your drain requires a plumber.


Water shooting back into your toilet or sink is frustrating and dangerous because it can flood your entire house and damage valuables. This problem emanates from a clogged drain which pushes the water upwards or backs up, resulting in an overflowing toilet or sink. Your best solution is to reach out to a plumbing expert to unclog the drain.

Frequent clogs

Another sign that your drain calls for a plumber is frequent clogs which can also be frustrating. You can use a plunger to clear clogs in your drain once in a while, but when they become frequent, it is time to call an expert to examine the root problem. Clogs occur due to solid particles like food crumbs, grease, or debris someone tossed in the drain and other materials like hair and wipes. A professional plumber can unclog your drain without causing any damage to your pipes.

Slow drains

One of the things about slow drains is that they are frustrating because they waste a lot of your time, whether you are in the shower or washing dishes. Improper drain usage causes drain clogs which lead to slow drains. In most cases, slow drains occur due to years and years of pouring grease, food waste, and other debris down the drain. It starts as a minor issue that you can fix with the help of a plunger, but over time the drain gets slower, and the clogs become frequent.

When more grease, food waste, and other debris stick onto the drain pipes, they cause a major clog that even over-the-counter drain cleaners cannot remove. Besides, using over-the-counter chemical drain cleaners can damage the internal pipes resulting in a more severe problem.

A professional plumber can examine your drain, remove the deposits, and completely clear the clogs. Additionally, they can give you tips on avoiding clogs in the future.

Strange noises

If you hear strange noises as water drains into your pipes, it may signal a problem. There is a likelihood that one of the pipes is broken and not working correctly.


If you notice odors emanating from your drain, there is a severe problem. It indicates food particles and other debris are stuck in your drain and are causing bacteria to thrive. Such odors also attract pests and other creatures you don’t want in your kitchen, so you should call an expert to check your drain out.