Beyond the Boxes: Essential Insights for a Stress-Free Move

1 Dec

Packing is the most challenging part of moving as the task is physically demanding and takes time to complete. It involves a lot of sorting, lofting, and moving. Carrying furniture by yourself is risky and can cause back injuries. Still, you’ll need the right moving supplies to cushion your belongings from damage. You can improvise with bed sheets, old clothes, or newspapers when packing fragile items. Tape the box to keep items intact and label them. Labeling makes the unloading easy as it tells you where each box goes.

Beyondthe boxes, there are other things to do to make your move stress-free. Here is what to do;

Plan in Advance

Early planning is the secret to stress-free relocation. Waiting until the lastminute to think about your move brings pressure because there are so many things to do. You can seek help from friends, loved ones, or colleagues. They can help you find a new house, downsize your household, have a backyard sale, or look after your kids when moving your belongings.

Plan for Your Children and Pets

Long-distance moving can be stressfulfor kids and animals. You can make the transition easy by having a separate plan for them. It is best if they don’trelocate on the same day you’ll be moving your household items. Leaving your children with someone you trust, like a family member,and taking your pet to a shelter would be the best option for a stress-free move. When relocating with kids, you should take breaks and carry snacks. It is helpful to maintain the same routine in the new place as the old one to help kids and pets transition well. Ensure you take your animal for vaccination and carry all records when relocating across states.

Confirm Everything with the Moving Company

Sorensen Moving makes relocation stress-free, and it is necessary to seek their services whether moving locally or to a distant place. Before the actual date, confirm everything with the moving company. It includes enquiring about the packing supplies, confirming the pick-up locations or any drop-offs along the way, and raising any concerns you may have. Most service providers send people to your home the day before to pack and get your household items ready for loading. Liaising with a moving company ensures everything is going according to plan, making the move stress-free.

Carry Essentials in Your Bag

It would be best if you planned for the essentialitems you willneed along the way or immediately after arriving at a new place by putting the items in a separate bag. Things like toiletries, personal documents, medications, changing clothes, and extra shoes in your luggage will make the journey less stressful. You’ll not have a chance to look for the items at the back of the truck, which can be exhausting to find or access.


Moving to a new place can have a negative impact on people’s mental and emotional well-being. Having people you can trust around you will make you cope with the transition better. Talking about your feelings will help with any stress and anxiety you may experience.