Wise Things You Should Do Before You Turn 30

2 Mar

They say that the best part of your life is right after you graduate college. You can already go out and start socializing in bars and clubs. You can be with your friends of the same age group and enjoy the struggles of being a working adult. And also, you can buy all the things that you can afford because you’re already earning enough.

Meanwhile, it’s going to be very different when you reach your 30s. There’s going to be a lot more pressure and you’ll feel like you’re racing against time. This is when some of your contemporaries are already achieving their goals. Others are becoming husbands and wives. It’s something that’s going to make you feel a little worried about your future.

But imagine if you could start working on yourself as early as 23. It may not be the way you imagined yourself as someone in your 20s. However, this may make your life easier when you reach your 30s. So what can you do to achieve this at an early stage of your adulthood? You should consider the following tips.

Save money

Your 20s is the age when you’re going to spend a lot of money. That’s the time you’re most excited when it comes to buying things for yourself. That’s because you’ve only started earning money. This may look like something anyone would do for themselves as a reward. But the thing is it could get expensive and you may find yourself getting short with your budget. Don’t wait till you get in your 30s before you actually start saving. Do it as early as now. You can buy the things you want but make sure you only buy enough.

There should always be something for your savings account. Your savings could serve as your emergency funds in case something happens. Or perhaps, you could spend your savings once you’ve reached your 30s when you’ve truly achieved financial freedom.

Invest in a house

You may be living in an apartment that takes away a lot from your salary. But it could be the most practical as what you may think. Though when you reach that point that you already want to start a family, you would need to move to a bigger shelter. Why not invest in a house while you’re still young? Look for a mortgage loan company that can give the most suitable option. At least, the amount you’re paying for a mortgage is allocated to something you can truly own. Owning a house would be one less worry off your back when you turn 30. That’s if you start investing in it while you’re still young.

Get promoted at work

As someone in your 20s, you’re either laid-back at work or you’re overworked. Some only want to go to work for the pay. But if you have motivation, you’re also going to have a direction with your career. You may want to motivate yourself with an achievement that’s going to advance your career. Try getting that promotion at work before you reach your 30s. That’s going to guarantee you progress and career success as you grow older. Aside from your career plans, this can also help you with your financial goals. Step up at work while you’re still in your 20s.

Take on a financial pursuit

Not everyone has a goal of getting promoted at work. That’s because these people don’t want to be employed in a company forever. These people want to be their own bosses. If you’re one of those people, you may want to start achieving this goal before you reach your 30s. You can save some and invest in stocks. But before you do that, make sure that you’re knowledgeable enough to pursue this. You can also start a small business now and see it grow as you get older.

There’s also another advantage you can get from this. With the unpredictable nature of unemployment in the U.S., job security isn’t always guaranteed. It’s better if you could have a backup plan in case another crisis hits. Just make sure that your business is crisis-proof as much as possible.

Widen your network

It’s good if you have connections since you’re going to need them in some situations. Having connections with people can widen your network. These people may teach you a lot about your career and how to handle finances. They can also guide you with all the right ways to live as a young adult. Not to mention they may help you with some of your struggles too. So you better start engaging with people who can teach you a lot of lessons. Establish your network as early as now.

There are a lot of lessons you need to learn when you reach adulthood. It’s better if you learn them while you’re still young. That’s going to make you more equipped as you grow older. The more experiences you gain, the wiser you get.