Why Rats Are Invading Your Home And How Can You Remove Them?

12 Aug

Rats are notorious invaders. These unwanted guests can get into your home through small holes and cracks in the wall. If you are also facing rat attacks in your house, use effective pest control methods to curb the same. 

Rodents and rats can enter your house by making small holes in your pipes. If you can’t stop them from entering your house, hire an exterminator like Barrier Pest Control for help. 

Here are a few reasons why rodents and rats invade your house and how to prevent them. 

Inspect Any Holes or Cracks in Your Roof or Walls

Rodents and rats love to travel through walls. They usually prefer dark spots to make their move. When there are any holes in your foundation, basement, roof, or walls, rodents and mice will love to settle there. 

You should identify these spots, and get them sealed as the earliest.  

Check Your Drain Pipes

Rats can swim through dirty waters in the drain pipes. They can go inside drain pipes and make their entry into your home through the toilet bowl. 

You need to make sure that all pipes are properly covered. There shouldn’t be any cracks or fissures. Even a small hole in the drain pipes can have a devastating effect.

Any Thread or Rope In Windows or Doors

Mice and rats are notorious for their unpredictable behavior. They can make their entrance into your house through tears in window and door screens. They can even scale walls and climb atop of your windows using a thread or rope attached to it if any. 

You should avoid keeping any rope or thread near your windows or doors. Keep your surroundings clean, and you shouldn’t put any food items near your window or any door. 

However, the most interesting fact about rats is their invisibility. They often remain undetected until the things go out of your hand. 

Here are a few indications that rats have invaded your home: 

  • Considerable holes in the baseboards.
  • You notice small footprints.
  • Dark droppings here and there.
  • You can hear scratching noises.
  • Pets at home start shouting more. 

Why Do Pests Come To Your Home?

No matter, how clean your house is, rats and mice can still invade it. The primary reason why rodents and mice visit your home is because of their constant search for water, food, and shelter. 

Indoor plants also attract pests as these plants often act as a source of food for them. Try to keep your surroundings as clean as possible.   

In Conclusion

Pests can badly damage your home. Also, these pests can cause various diseases as well. They can badly affect your pantry, food items, clothes, and furniture. Rodents can also chew electric wires and appliances.

If you are certain that rats or rodents have invaded your house, taking professional help is the need of the hour. You should call a pest control expert immediately for help.