What Is a Juliet Balcony?

26 Jan

Space is used creatively by developers in densely crowded areas like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. When the room is at a premium, every inch counts. As a result, architects have to be creative by including both interior and outdoor settings. Due to the need for space efficiency, architects have designed Juliet Balcony or Juliette balcony.

What Exactly Is a Juliet Balcony?

Are you wondering what is a Juliet balcony? If you have French doors or floor-to-ceiling windows and want to prevent people from accidentally slipping out, you may want to install a Juliette-style balcony. The original goal of Juliette balconies was for safety, but architects and designers eventually devised ways to make them aesthetically pleasing as well.


Does Everyone Like Juliette Balconies?

Because they aren’t really balconies, not everyone appreciates the Juliette style. Others claim that apartments with Juliette balconies are overpriced because of the added square footage they need.

Both of these criticisms have some merit, but there is more to the story than meets the eye. Apartment buildings often have Juliette balconies because of their practicality. In particular, full-length windows are typical of apartments with this kind of balcony, allowing for an abundance of natural light and ventilation.

Pros of Having a Balcony Like a Juliette

Apart from the obvious advantages of increased ventilation and light, a Juliette balcony also provides a number of other advantages. In addition, they improve dwellings by


#1: Intensifying the Outward Aesthetic

Juliette balconies enhance the visual appeal of a structure by blending seamlessly with its outside design. Early 20th-century architecture is characterized by the prevalence of Juliette balconies. Some contemporary structures, however, have Juliette balconies installed to improve their curb appeal.

#2: Making More Room

Even though a Juliette balcony may not provide much room, you may be able to fit a small table and chair on it and enjoy the fresh air. The quantity of room is not as vast as what a standard balcony would provide, but in congested urban areas, every inch counts.

#3: Enhancing Security

A Juliette balcony’s primary function is to protect people from falling through openings such as French doors or floor-to-ceiling windows. If you want any of those things, you’ll almost certainly need to add a Juliette balcony.

#4: Making High-End Amenities More Accessible

This form of a balcony, known as a Juliette balcony, has made the luxury of having a balcony of any kind more accessible to the general public. A Juliette balcony may provide some of the same advantages as a regular balcony without the hefty price tag.


Why Go For a Juliet Balcony Instead?

There are several good arguments in favor of a Juliette balcony rather than a complete balcony for building owners. The primary reason is that developers in New York City need air rights before they can build a balcony large enough to sit on. Given that no special permission is needed to create a Juliette balcony, it becomes a more viable alternative for those who want one.

Possible financial gain is a second factor. In many cases, the value of an apartment building with complete balconies exceeds the range of rents or prices at which the property might attract tenants or purchasers who could afford to recuperate the cost of installing them. If a buyer or renter can’t afford a standard balcony but still wants to boost their property’s value, a Juliette balcony is the next best thing.

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