Top 4 Benefits of Staying on Campus

20 Apr

Every year, millions of college or university freshmen globally choose between living off-campus and on-campus. You might even be asked about what you prefer during your interview. The choice might be hard for most, especially for those who choose to go to college near their hometown.

While there is a misconception that staying on campus is costly and you might not perform your best in school, this is not true. In fact, there are many advantages of staying on campus, especially when you opt for York University housing. Some of these benefits include:

1. Be Independent

If you are joining college for the first time, there is a high chance that this is also your first time living away from home or your family.

Although this might seem scary for some, this comes with the great responsibility of taking care of yourself and handling everything on your own, including planning your meals and time.

So if you are in Canada, student housing York University will offer you an opportunity to learn those skills alongside different people who are also learning the same thing.

2. Get More Connected to Many Students

Students living on campus usually enjoy a greater sense of community than those staying off-campus. Staying near school facilities will make it simple for you to connect with students through campus events and activities.

Different campus groups, community service organizations, major associations, and intramural athletics all allow every student to build networks and smaller groups in the school.

Plus, students staying on campus may choose different housing options. Some students will prefer living in traditional dorms, whereas others might opt for something like a suite-style York University residence.

3. More Academic Support

If fellow students surround you, it means you will have a chance to learn and collaborate together, regardless of the informalities and backgrounds. Most of the individuals you share York University housing with can be in the same class or have taken the units before.

Friends are great resources, and being in a better position to go to the next class to ask questions is unmatched. Plus, when other students come to you, explaining certain topics you are good at can be rewarding to the people in need.

4. Rules Are There to Help

Some students may dread the idea of sticking to or following the regulations made to run on-campus housing. However, the fact is that those regulations make succeeding in the university much easier for you and other students.

Dealing with resident advisors is better compared to dealing with police officers. Rather than thinking this, take it this way. When you happen to lock yourself accidentally out of the housing York University, you may text one of the resident advisors to allow you back in.

But if you live off-campus house or apartment, you will need to call a locksmith and pay for the services if you lock yourself out.

The Takeaway!

Staying on campus is a vital part of your university or college experience. As a college student living on campus, you will benefit a lot. You will not just maintain your grades. You may as well attend your classes on time and make more friends.