Some Myths About Rodents You Thought Were True

28 May

Rodents can be extremely scary to live with, and that is perhaps why there are so many myths about them. You may well have thought that these were true! Let’s look at some of the common myths about rodents you may have heard.

They Go Outside After Consuming

It is a myth perpetuated by rodent poison companies, but it is utterly false. There is no rodent poison or insecticide available that will make rats and mice change their locations or positions. So, expecting that the pests in your home will eat the poison meant for them and then go outside to die is a myth.

They Will Want Water After Consuming Poison

This is also another myth that the Schertz pest control experts talk about. There is no rat poison available that makes rodents more thirsty than normal. So, imagining them trying to find a water source after they have consumed poison does not have a basis in reality. Rats will need water every day. Mice on the other hand get most of their water needs fulfilled from the foods they eat. So, if you find a rodent infestation on your property, chances are that they have already found a source of water near the place they live.

Some Rat Poison Cause Rodents to Not Smell After Dying

This is also another myth that has been perpetuated by rat poison companies. No rat poison has been manufactured yet that makes rodents dry up and not smell when they die. This is just not possible. No matter what way rodents die, they are going to smell afterward because that is where decaying and decomposition happens.

No one can stop natural decomposition.

Cheese is Ideal bait

Popular cartoon characters have been responsible for perpetuating this myth. Many people believe that cheese is perfect to catch mice and rats, but this is not the truth.

There are lots of baits that can be used for rodents, but the cheese will not do. You can use chocolate, meat, and even peanut butter for the purpose.

If you live in a dry climate, then try and use moist foods as they are going to attract rodents to the trap.

Chewing Things is What Rodents Do

Yes, rodents do chew things around the house, and that can be really frustrating, but there are lots of other things they do which make them dangerous pests. The worst thing is the diseases they spread. They contaminate food articles and drinks left out in the open. This can cause severe stomach problems and infections.

Rodents on the Property Mean No Sanitization

This is another utter myth. It is not true that rodents on the property automatically mean it is unsanitary. Many well-kept houses have a rodent infestation.

Calling in pest control experts to deal with a rodent infestation is the smartest thing to do. If you can see a mouse or a rat on your property, chances are that there are more. Hence, not wasting time and calling in experts is the best idea.