Signs That Show a Home is at Risk of Fire Damage

20 Aug

The causes likely to trigger fire in homes are well known. However, they can occur unexpectedly and cause significant damages in no time. At first, fire breakout in homes can seem controllable but might escalate fast and become instantly dangerous in what otherwise appeared to be easy to control.

Fires in homes can cause not only costly damages but also injuries and even fatalities. Every person must take the precautions necessary to prevent fire hazards in homes. Since home fires endanger every person in and around the house and can result in enormous damages that demand thousands of dollars to fix, homeowners need to prevent the factors likely to lead to fire outbreaks. 

Signs That Put Homes Vulnerable to Risks of Fire Damage

Injuries that occur as a result of any fire-related accident may be serious and demand urgent medical attention. From smoke inhalation to third-degree burns, homeowners must adhere to the proper measures that prevent the causes of fires in homes in the first place. Though having an insurance policy that covers the home from risks of fire damage is critical, identifying and controlling the risks likely to trigger fire outbreaks is vital in ensuring homeowners, their properties, and loved ones are in a safer environment always. Below are several signs that show a home is at risk of fire damage:

Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring and other malfunctioning electrical outlets account for a huge portion of home fires. Several factors can help homeowners to determine if they have bad wiring, including:

*Fuses trip or blow the circuit more often

*Lights dim when they use other electrical appliances

To prevent potential fire accidents and other problems that may arise due to faulty wiring, homeowners should schedule a regular inspection to ensure their lighting fixtures, wiring, and other electrical systems are safe and up to code.

Smoking in the Kitchen, Bedroom, or Other Rooms in the House

Those homeowners with one or more household members who smoke inside their houses should now understand that their properties are at risk of fire damage. Smoking materials such as cigarettes, pipes, and cigars lit are relatively easier to forget, whether inside or outside a home.

Carelessly disposing of a cigarette filter that is still burning is dangerous since it can contact the mattress, furniture, or other flammable materials in a home. Smokers who easily fall asleep put their properties at risk of fire outbreaks. People who smoke must remain alert the entire time they’re smoking.

Having Children Who Love Playing With Fire

Children, out of curiosity, can cause home fires. Having children who love playing with candles, matches, and lighters can lead to threatening home fires. These items should be kept in places that children cannot access easily. It is also important that parents educate their children about why fire safety is vital in homes.

Flammable Liquids Stored Improperly

Flammable liquids stored or used improperly can produce various forms of vapors that can explode. Weak ignition sources or even high temperatures can cause vapors to ignite and cause fire outbreaks in a home. People with flammable liquids in their homes should not store them near any heating source but in a well-ventilated area far from their building structures and rich of children.

Living Near a Forest or Around Old and Poorly Maintained Power Lines

Bad infrastructure is a leading cause of wildfires in many areas, like California in the USA. You can do everything right to keep your home safe, but in the face of a wildfire, or if you are downwind of an area with frequent wildfires, sometimes things are outside of your control. Sparks and embers can be carried great distances, so you need to be prepared for the possibility that a fire can spread to your yard or home. If you can’t stop the fire, then have an escape plan for your and your family, and rehearse it regularly so everyone knows what is going on.

Fire Safety, a Top Priority to Home Owners

Home fires can be devastating at times. Homeowners and their families must learn about the most appropriate fire safety rules that they can apply when an incident occurs. During a home fire, people should not try to be heroes by handling things on their own. In case of a home fire incident, people must rush to a safer location and contact the nearest firefighters in the area immediately. Make sure that you also have the best air purifiers for wildfire smoke in case you need to clean the air from that smokey smell.