5 Good Reasons Why Roller Blinds are a Good Investment

22 Sep

When looking to design the perfect living space, nothing should be left to chance. You need to consider all the different factors involved, such as style, colours and practicality. Blinds are one of the easiest things to change when it comes to altering the look of a room. But what would make you pick blinds in Glasgow or anywhere else for that matter, as opposed to say curtains. For example are they more practical, do they need less maintenance and are they easy to install and operate? 

Well in this article we’ll give you five good reasons why we think roller blinds provide the ideal window covering for any internal space from kitchens to conservatories.

Why not Just Stick with Curtains?

There are certain things about curtains that make them less advantageous than blinds when choosing your window dressing. Curtains often give a room a smaller feel due to them being in most cases much heavier and bulkier in design than blinds. More and more people are now opting for roller blinds due to them offering a space efficiency solution. Even in the case of much larger spaces, roller blinds are a popular choice as they make rooms feel far less enclosed. With a range of colours and styles available roller blinds are just as aesthetically pleasing as curtains. Another benefit roller blinds have over curtains is that they are easier to maintain and keep clean. 

Roller Blinds are Extremely Practical 

As we have already alluded to, installing roller blinds is a great way of maximising space, which is beneficial if your property contains a lot of windows or has a limited amount of floor space. Curtains can often be overwhelming and give rooms a claustrophobic feel. Roller blinds don’t tend to collect dust in the same way curtains do making cleaning windows much easier and reducing the chances of irritation to eyes and skin.

Roller Blinds Tend to be Less Expensive Than Curtains

Another major benefit of roller blinds is that because of their make up they are usually much cheaper than curtains. This is very useful for people looking to renovate a property on a budget. This means that for very little outlay roller blinds can have a big impact on the aesthetics of any room whether that is a kitchen, lounge bedroom or bathroom. Also in the case of properties with multiple windows installing roller blinds will undoubtedly help keep costs down.

Roller Blinds are Easier to Install and Maintain 

Because of their design, roller blinds can be easily installed, with only 2 brackets and several screws you can have them up in as little as ten minutes. Even someone who is relatively new to DIY will have little trouble putting up roller blinds as no specialised tools or skills are required. In terms of maintenance, if installed properly this will be minimal.

They work Well in any Style of Room 

Because of their modern design, roller blinds can blend seamlessly into any style of room. With a wide range of patterns and colours available there is something to suit everyone’s taste. So, no matter what you are looking for you will be able to find it, whether that is a simple plain colour or a more specific patterned design. 

Hopefully, if you were undecided on window coverings for your new home or renovation project the information we have given you will help make your decision easier.